Shelley's Laserdome - a brief history

Shelley’s Nightclub

On Edensor Road in Longton a club opened in the 1980’s that became an important part of the country’s massive rave scene of the early nineties. Helping to launch the career of superstar DJ Sasha, it hosted the biggest names alongside local legends on the decks.


People queued all over Longton town to attend the Friday ‘Delight’ night and Saturday’s ‘Amnesia’ nights. Local DJ, Daz Willot and MC Lethal’s ‘Entropy’ night mixtapes still get collected today by ravers. 


Dance legends The Prodigy as well as other household names like Altern-8 did PAs at the club. With the drug tag that hung around the rave scenes neck as well as gang violence (mainly underground), the club was shut in 1992 by Staffordshire police. Regular reunion nights have been held in recent times with DJs who played there.


DJ, promoter and MC, Lee Fredericks told us what it meant to be part of that amazing time: "As with most culturally significant movements and generational defining moments, you don't fully appreciate it at the time because they only become relevant and important retrospectively. What I do know is that it was an incredibly exciting time as nothing was set in stone. everything was new and was changing and morphing as the weeks passed. Looking back I actually feel privileged to have been there and participated in arguably the most significant musical movement since punk rock. Being involved in any movement at grass roots level gives you a sense of perspective when it's fully formed. The perfect mix of technology, music, social unrest and a new generations view of the world spawned a unique movement that we could call our own. For that alone, i feel honoured to have experienced it".  


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