CLICK AND COLLECT is available on all our products again due to the latest lockdown rules

Frequently Asked Questions

- Does Megan do commissions?

Megan does do commission work but it’s dependant on her schedule. Holiday seasons are always quite busy so email us with any questions.

- When can I collect my order?

The office opening times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am - 4pm. Any other times can be arranged by contacting us subject to availability.

- It’s out of office hours, how can I contact you?

We try to pick up messages at the weekend but it is better to speak to us in the set opening hours.

- How do get a refund?

Click on the ‘Policies’ tab for refund enquiries.

- My order hasn’t been delivered, what do I do?

We say allow 10-14 days for frames to be delivered, cards and gifts are usually slightly quicker.

- Does Megan do interviews?

Megan is usually available for interviews, please contact her PA:

- Can we stock your products in our shop? 

We do have outlets that carry our stock, email us for details of how you can sell Megan’s work.

- What is the best email address to contact you on?